The ordinary moments { Watching a grumpy baby sleep }


So when your car has broken down and the weather outside is humid, wet and rainy.. amusing a 17 month old becomes somewhat of a difficult and energy extracting task! Add teething to the equation and you’re in for a fun day. The past week Daisy has been a bit of a handful. She’s a good baby (should I say toddler now?) 90% of the time, like most parents, I’m pretty lucky. But it just means that when she is rather demanding I forget how hard it really is and can struggle. I’m feeling exhausted and it’s only Monday.

I spent all day Sunday thinking how much I couldn’t wait until it was her bedtime. I knew the second it hit 6pm that would be it, she’d be in bed and I’d be sat down with a nice cup of tea and an easy evening of rubbish TV. When it got to 7.30pm and she was in my bed  I could feel myself getting a little frustrated – but what can you do? I ended up falling asleep with her, waking up at 9.30pm and then felt all confused and a bit annoyed that I’d wasted my whole evening sleeping. Then I looked at Daisy besides me, sleeping like a little starfish taking up 3/4 of the bed. How on earth could I possibly be mad? This beautiful little girl is learning and exploring every single day. We all have ‘off’ weeks and it just so happened that last week was hers.

When she’s laying there so peacefully and occasionally giggling in her sleep I can’t help but feed bad for getting a little frustrated. But we’re only human and sometimes we do get impatient – it’s natural and I have to remind myself that more often than not. Sometimes I question my parenting skills and tend to get a little hard on myself. Am I making life as fun as possible for her? Is she experiencing everything that every other child is? Am I bringing her up right? These questions carry on and on and I start to wonder why I’m even thinking these things. Daisy has a roof over her head, food whenever she wants it, we go out, we have fun, and most of all she is loved. She is SO loved. By SO many people. Sometimes us parents need to give ourselves a break and remember that we’re only human. Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves!

Daisy’s nursery update

Hello! So, after getting rather bored with Daisy’s nursery we’ve decided to slowly spruce it up a little. We wanted a bit more colour and a little more excitement. We decided to be brave and go for a yellow feature wall. I seem to really like yellow at the moment and I thought we could work from that to develop a super cute room with a Scandinavian feel to it. For anyone that has wallpapered before then I’m sure you may fully understand when I say I never want to wallpaper a wall ever again! Myself and Andrew have wallpapered before – we did our bathroom and bedroom with some help from Andrew’s mum. Even after that we said we would never wallpaper again but it somehow happened. But let’s just say we’ll definitely be sticking to paint from now on. Wallpaper is super stressful!

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A little while ago I painted the cot with a white paint and I much prefer it. I’m really fussy with what colour furniture I have and white seems to be cleaner and goes with a lot more. The walls are white too and so I think after painting to cot white it all felt a little too plain and boring. The yellow wall definitely changes that! We have these ikea picture ledges that I’m sure you’ve seen used in so many different ways in so many people’s rooms. They are my favourite and we have two in the living room and two to put up in the bedroom or kitchen. They are so versatile and cheap! We’ve used Daisy’s to showcase some of her favourite books. We also have a cute little fox up there as we don’t know where else to put it! The polka dot wall stickers are a highlight of this room for me! I absolutely love them. They are from etsy and are so easy to apply. They actually go really well with the yellow wall and the gold clock we have on the opposite wall.

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Another one of my favourite things about this room is the elephant and giraffe heads! The giraffe is currently sat in the cupboard as we decide where to place him, but the elephant has found it’s spot! These where from TK Max and happen to be an absolute bargain. Daisy went through a stage where she was a little scared of them, pointing and whinging. But she’s over that now and they’re very welcomed into her little abode! We had this cute Donkey rocking horse bought for Daisy by her Grandad (Andrew’s dad) and she loves it! It also looks so sweet placed under her window. We have two stalls from ikea that where £5 each and eventually we’ll look into getting a small desk so she can sit on them and get crafty/do some drawing! Our newest addition to this room is the chevron black and white rug which I absolutely LOVE! It really changes the whole dynamic of the room and makes it that little more bold and exciting!
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What’s your favourite thing about your little one’s room?

Oh Lilla Magazine

IMG_4747 copy

Purchase a copy here?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you may have heard about this little project that I’ve been working on with Nicole from Dear little Lucas. If you haven’t then I’ll briefly tell you a little bit about it! It’s a blog-led parenting and lifestyle magazine which you can read more about by visiting our website. We brainstormed for Oh Lilla for weeks, we spent hours pondering over the name, we spent two months working every single day to make sure we got it looking exactly how we wanted and you know what the best thing about it is? We enjoyed every second! It didn’t feel like work, it wasn’t work. It was just fun!

The cover photo is by Katie from mummydaddyandme and I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen her blog before because, well, it’s gorgeous! She was kind enough to let us use this photo of her beautiful girls.  This isn’t the first magazine I’ve ever created. I’ve actually worked on two previous magazines but this is the first one I’ve worked on that has been taken to print. Everything has been funded from our own pockets (and Andrew’s, haha, thank you Andrew!!) and so we’ve been working hard so that we can work even harder – if that makes sense!

It’s an A5 sized magazine with 80 pages, so perfect for traveling or keeping in the baby bag. It’s full to the brim with things that we really think our readers will love. We want this magazine to be ran by the readers, we want to have you guys determine what content we feature each month by guiding us in the right direction of what you like to read. We want the magazine to steer into the direction of being written by real mums, for real mums. We want Oh Lilla to be focused on real life in all it’s form and glory!

You can purchase a copy for just £3.95 and we ship worldwide. Buying one copy will make so much difference to a small business like ours. your one purchase gives us the confidence we need to make more! So if you fancy a good read for when you’re out and about or when you have a moment to sit down with a nice cuppa then make our day and purchase your copy here!

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Playtime fun with Leapfrog

IMG_4599One thing every parent loves to do is watch their child play. Playing with them is fun too – but it can get a little tiring – drinking hundreds of pretend cups of tea and living up to their tickle monster expectations! I love when I get Daisy a new toy and bring it home for her as a surprise, I love the look on her face when she sees something new to explore and figure out. This is our new favourite at the moment. It’s from Leapfrog and it’s called the learn and groove musical table and It’s suitable for children from 6 months – 36 months. I’ve had something similar for Daisy before but she never really seemed to enjoy it that much so I wasn’t sure she would enjoy this either, but she most definitely loves it. I think it’s the colours and sounds that draw her attention in! 

As you can see – it’s bright! It has a setting for 2 different languages – English and French which is good. I’m all for teaching babies new languages whilst they’re young so every so often we put it on the French setting and count to 10 in French! Just for fun though as I don’t want to confuse her too much yet. We’ve recently taught Daisy to count to three in English! She hasn’t quite got the ‘one’ yet, but if we start her off then she’ll say ‘twoooo’ and ‘eeeee’ for three! (she hasn’t quite got the hang of the ‘th’ sound yet.

IMG_4723 copy IMG_4606It’s a compact little table. You can take the top part away from the legs so if your child is more comfortable sitting on the floor then they can play with it that way too. Daisy tends to use it as a walker – like she uses everything at the moment. She sees most things as a potential walker. Crazy child! Another favourite of Daisy’s toys at the moment are her dolls. She’ll wake up in the morning and I ask her to go find baby so she’ll wander around the apartment saying ‘baaaabaaaa’ until she finds a doll to bring to me. I think as parents we get so much joy from watching our little ones play! It’s that sense of pride and feeling proud that they’re your child, you carried them for nine months and taught them what they know. It’s a small sight on their own independence and it’s super cute to watch!

IMG_4725 copyYou can purchase the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table for the RRP of £29.99

*We were gifted these products from Leapfrog in exchange for an honest review 

16 month update

16 months

In 11 days Daisy will actually be 17 months so I’ve left this post a little late! It’s true to it’s date though as I actually took it the day after she was 16 months old. At 16 months old Daisy has started walking! I’m so excited by this, as are most parents I presume. I just LOVE seeing her toddle around and explore everything in such depth. This is by far my favourite age that Daisy has been (Although I do seem to say that about every age!). She is just so funny. Everything she does makes me chuckle, and I know every parent thinks that their baby is funny, I guess that’s just because babies are funny. They’re walking, talking miniature human beings!

Not too much has happened this month really, apart from Daisy learning to walk! Just the usual playdates, park walks, and family days out. It’s been a nice relaxing month of getting ready for our next holiday to Rome on September 7th.  Daisy and Andrew have been putting up with me working hard on Oh Lilla magazine which has finally be sent to the printers, so we’re excited about that! I’ve had a minor thumb injury – haha – I have tendonitis which I’ve never experienced before and it’s pretty painful. It hurts to just move my thumb so it’s all plastered up at the moment whilst I feel all sorry for myself.

Daisy has recently learnt how to ‘moo’ like a cow, ‘woof’ like a dog and ‘baaa’ like a sheep. She is also terrified of pigs! But enjoys any other animal and greets them with an ‘aww’. Unless you’re a pig and then she screams and panics and runs away. Bless her! Now that she’s walking she doesn’t crawl at all anymore . She’s even started to try and run (she fails though by falling back down on her bottom or tripping over her own feet, but she still continuously tries which is super cute and fun) She still loves the park and is a little more brave when it comes to the slide! She’s growing and becoming the most wonderful little girl I know :)

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