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I ended my last blog post saying how I feel as though I’ve got my inspiration back! so I wanted to write a little bit more about where I gather my inspiration from. Sometimes I will sit down at my laptop and try so hard to search desperately for something to give me a little bit of inspiration to get me going again. But it’s the times where I try to find it that I never do! I gather inspiration when I least expect it. Don’t we all?!


Sometimes I will be walking back from work and a song will come on through my headphones and my brain will suddenly burst with inspiration. I think about all the things I want to write about. Or I think about all the places I want to go, things I want to do with my life.  There is nothing like a good song to brighten up a dull day and when I’m happy that’s where my inspiration gathers. My current (and usual) favourites are Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard, Bon Iver and George Ezra. As you can tell it’s the pop folk kind of music that clicks in me most! But I also can’t help a little fast pace summery music too!


I love photography – as you probably already know. The internet is full of beautiful photos and I only need to load up instagram and a couple of clicks later and the photos just keep rolling in! My favourites are Nirrimi from the road is home and Katie from Mummy daddy & me. – Both of whom take amazing photos of their beautiful girls. It inspires me to use my camera more (if that’s possible) and be more adventurous with the photos I take of Daisy. Sometimes I feel like they are all a little bit same-ish so when I get inspiration from these girls I feel like I want to mix things up a little! Old photos too – I look at old photos of being on holiday in Florida and it motivates me and inspires me to save better so that I can afford to go as soon as possible. It reminds me how much I love traveling and how I need to give in to this over run feeling of wanderlust and jet off places as much as we possibly can!



People inspire me. I could be walking around a miserable gloomy old town, where people seem to walk with their heads down and all it takes is a simple smile or ‘hello’ from a polite stranger and the moment seems to turn around completely. I feel less angry with how grumpy people seem and more enlightened to be happy and smile at strangers. I hope that I can brighten someone else’s day in the same way that little ol’ stranger brightened mine!


This one probably kind of speaks for itself. What better way to get inspiration by simply looking at your family. Thinking of past memories, thinking of future memories and just enjoying living in the present with them too. Daisy inspires me every day to be better. She inspires me to work hard so that I can give her everything she needs in life. Andrew inspires me to work hard at what I love. He always believes in me and it’s having someone I love believing in me that inspires me to put my all into everything I love.


Moments can be inspiring too. It may sound silly but sitting on the sofa after putting Daisy to bed, with a cup of tea, watching hollyoaks and waiting for Andrew to get back from work can sometimes inspire me. Because I can finally sit down and have a little ‘me’ time. I can take my mind off everything going on around me and focus on nothing but rubbish tv and a perfectly made tea. It then kind of inspires me to get off my ass and get working on Oh Lilla magazine. Haha!


I would love to know what inspires you?

Instagram round up


What can I say? Life is busy! I get distracted and keep reminding myself to blog – but sometimes things are a little more important. (Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my blog and I LOVE blogging) but with other new projects, work, a busy family, a 14 month old.. well you know where I’m going with this.. BUSY! Anywho, I’ll stop with the pointless rambling. I am here now, getting things back on track! The other day Andrew said something to me about my blog that kind of hit home. He said he much preferred my blog in the beginning. When I asked him why he replied saying that in the beginning I wasn’t talking to the twenty odd thousand followers, instead I was talking to Daisy. or myself. or him. It was just pure writing. And it’s incredibly true.

Every time I sit down to write a blog post I can’t help  but picture people reading it. And that overwhelms me a little. Why would people want to read up about my life? I see all these tips and posts and amazing blogs – mine doesn’t even compare! When I plan and write a post I put so much thought and effort into thinking ‘what do people want to read?’ when really I should just write for myself and for Daisy to look back on when she’s older. Easier said than done I guess! I think I might stop with the posts where I kind of blag my way through writing and stick to the posts where the words just flow freely. As cheesy as that may sound! I love sharing my life with a little corner of the internet and I finally feel like I have the inspiration back to start blogging again! – Thank you Andrew! Sometimes we just need someone to tell us how it is!

Strawberry and cream frappuccino | Starbucks style

IMG_1982 copy

Whenever me and Andrew go out together, literally anywhere, we always end up either in Starbucks or with a Starbucks in hand. We may be a little bit addicted I think. My favourite drink of theirs at the moment is their strawberry and cream frappuccino – it is just to die for. I love it so much that I decided to grab some ingredients and attempt to re-create it at home. I’m not good at making up recipes or smoothies or anything when it comes to food really, I tend to follow a recipe and stick to every last detail. But It was so easy and actually tasted more like their version than I thought it would! So here is my little recipe for a tasty summertime drink:

Blend milk + ice cubes + vanilla ice-cream + Strawberries + strawberry syrup.

Pour into a glass.

Add whipped cream.

TADA. Enjoy!

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