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If you’ve read my blog recently you may have read my post introducing you all to Oh Lilla Magazine, a parenting and lifestyle blog-led magazine. I want to tell you how it came about and how much it truly means to me! Me and Andrew where sat chatting about work and how I feel as though I’m stuck in a dead end job – because I am/was – I worked my butt off at university to get a first class honours degree in photography and I’ve ended up as a care assistant. It’s not what I want to do. I’ve tried incredibly hard to get a job within the photography industry, I’ve tried graphic design, web developing, videographer.. I’ve tried everything artsy you could possibly think of. I feel myself and I feel my happiest when I’m doing something creative. Apart from the creative industry I literally cannot think of another job I would enjoy doing – apart from traveling but hey, that’s not going to happen! I just really needed someone to give me that chance, help me get my foot in the door, and it just wasn’t happening.

For my second year final university project I created a magazine. It was called Etoilee magazine and focused on photography and fashion. I created an issue completely by myself and it wasn’t until people took interest in it that I realised I could really do that as a job one day. I enjoyed it SO much, it didn’t feel like work although it was a lot of work and I felt like I wasn’t particularly bad at it! So I carried it on. I spoke to other creatives, got people on board and we all worked hard and published five online magazines. It was great fun and I’m not sure why we just gave up.

So Andrew suggested why not do that again? Why not try make it. I’ve spent so long looking for someone to give me that chance, that foot in the door, why don’t I just take it upon myself to open that door. So I spoke to the wonderful Nicole from dearlittlelucas.com and now here we are! And we’re determined, inspired and excited. We love Oh Lilla Magazine and we’re putting our passion and enthusiasm straight into this creative project. We know we’re going to make it work! So that’s the story behind Oh Lilla Magazine. I just wanted to share with you all how excited I am and how much this magazine really truly means to me!

Dear little Daisy,


Dear little Daisy,

I look at these photos and when I think back to earlier today when I took them it didn’t even occur to me how you look like a little girl. You don’t look like a baby anymore. You are so smart, you know exactly what you like and exactly what you don’t like. Before I took these photos you crawled up to where I was sitting with a pen and a scrap card in your hand, you took me over to the table and pointed at the chair and grizzled until I put you up there.. you then placed the card on the table and started drawing. It was just TOO cute!

Yesterday your new thing of the day was to grab my face with both your hands and give me a huge kiss! Another one of your ‘things’ yesterday was to crawl right under the sofa, lay there and watch TV and then scream when you realise you can’t get out properly by yourself. You are so funny to watch and play with, such a funny little character and I can’t wait to see you develop even more into a lovely little girl.

Lots and lots of love,

Mama x




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