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I’m Jodie, I’m 25 and live in a little apartment in a small county called Hertfordshire. My heart belongs to my two year old daughter, Daisy and my partner Andrew, 23. I wish I could say that blogging is my full time job (One day!) but it’s not. I work as a part time care assistant 10 hours a week and a social media consultant for a local company 6 hours a week. I graduated university with a first class honours degree in photography yet have never been able to professionally put it to use. I do take photos for people here and there though and you can check out my work by clicking here.

Andrew works as a full time catering chef and spends his free time either with me and Daisy or working on one of his four cars. As a family we enjoy traveling, taking photos, going for coffee, long walks, long drives and just basically wandering around new places. Travel is a big one though – we love it. Me and Andrew have been together three years, he’s not Daisy’s biological dad but he was there when I took a positive pregnancy test, he was there throughout the pregnancy and birth, and he’s been here ever since. He’s an amazing step-dad to Daisy and she’s so lucky to have him (as am I!)