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Old film slides

After cleaning out the garage yesterday and chucking away lots of things in the preparation for Daisy’s arrival, we came across old film slides! And me, being a huge geek, was in absolute photography heaven. There’s nothing I love more than looking at vintage photographs. It’s inspired me to really start using my film cameras. The quality is just perfect. So tomorrow I’m going to get the film that’s been sat in my camera for a few months developed and see what’s on there. 

mini pregnancy update - I had another terrible nights sleep last night. I just could not stop itching! Especially the palm of my hand! It’s starting to get a little worrying after I (very stupidly) googled what it could possibly be. They say it could be to do with the liver. So I’ll get that checked tomorrow, eek. Scary. 

But right about now I’m going to go eat my lovely sunday lunch, have a nap and watch a movie. Have a lovely, lazy, sunday afternoon! 

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