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Wednesday worries

Daisy has started to sleep quite well through the night now - I start her bedtime routine at about 7pm, then by half 8/9ish she’ll be in a deep sleep. She’ll then wake up at about half 1am and then half 5am and I’m pretty okay with that I think! Occasionally she’ll fall asleep earlier or a bit later and it will all be out of sync.

I’m just wondering what time you start settling your babies down for bed and what you feel is the best time for your baby to fall asleep? Especially at Daisy’s age (2 months)

What is your wednesday worry?

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  1. quillinder said: 7pm!
  2. lovelymoonchildren said: Quin goes down at 9pm and is usually out until 9 the next morning lol ( he use to get up at 6am for a feeding but has stopped) hes almost 3 months
  3. adventureswithfinnandama said: Finn is 8 months. His bedtime used to be 8:30 but he has decided he won’t go to bed until 10. He wakes up at 4 to eat, then wakes up for the day at 8.
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