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My best day as a mum

My best day as a mum was the day I realised you were growing up so fast. It was the day you reached 11 weeks and your beautiful sleepy eyes told me that you wanted to be cuddled to sleep tonight and i let you because your skin is so soft and you’re sweet hands rest on my shoulders. It gave me time to sit there alone, listen to some music and just ponder. I thought of how your tiny little bones grew inside my tummy. I thought how you’re Daisy, you are your own cute ball of perfection rolled into a gorgeous little human. And I helped create you. I gave you a nice warm home in my tummy and I made it safe and nice and I followed all the rules in the book so that you’ll come out into the world as healthy as possible. And you did. You’re here and I helped create you. 

My worst day as a mum was when it hit me that I now have to protect you. Protecting you is not the problem, that is my instinct and I can do that no problem. I’ll always put you before me. I’ll always protect you from everything I possibly can and more. But you were warm and cosy and safe in my tummy. No other human could touch you or hurt you, it was just you and me. You was there with me all the time and I made sure you never felt any pain. Now when you cry because you have a tummy ache I can’t take it away. The most I can do is rub your tummy and give you lots of kisses and cuddles until it goes away. I realised this and it scared me. I have a life long worry because I don’t intend on letting anything bad happen to my beautiful little girl. 

My best day as a mum was when you hit 11 weeks. The sun kissed the moon good morning and we fell asleep dreaming of the beautiful places we’ll visit and the magical life we’ll live together. 

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